The Jasmine House After School Program

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Afterschool programs are locally driven solutions that provide kids with a safe and supervised space to learn and grow. These programs help families thrive by filling the gap between school hours and the time when many parents leave work for the day. Studies show that students in afterschool programs more regularly attend school, leading to better grades, gained skills, and higher graduation rates. Unfortunately, the demand for these programs far exceeds the supply. Nationwide, only 1 in 3 families who want afterschool for their children have access to these valuable programs.

The Jasmine House Foundation is establishing an after school program that will provide tutoring, skills development, and other activities to support children’s development and prepare them for long term success. Through a supplemental educational program, exposure to music and arts, and mentoring relationships, children will be empowered to discover their talents and skills, and grow into productive members of society.


An America After 3PM survey revealed that 282,453 children (16%) in Georgia participate in an afterschool program, yet 590,278 children (40%) would be enrolled in a program if one were available to them. With 90% of Georgia’s parents satisfied with their child’s afterschool program and 79% agreeing that afterschool programs give working parents peace of mind, the need is clear for more quality  afterschool programs that keep kids safe, inspires learning and supports working parents.

​​A study conducted by the Afterschool Alliance noted improved outcomes among children who participated in quality afterschool programs.

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